THE SEA, 50 squares of sea surfaces (2000)

We are standing on the deck of this liner of ours and watching the gulls following the broad white strip, plunging headlong into it every time the boy standing on the other side of the rail breaks off a piece of bread and throws it into the sea; for the hundredth time we marvel how they manage to make out their morsel in this seething pot in which we see just foam. We are a little cross at the caring mother who doesn’t care for the boy’s game and brings him back to the bench from which he can only watch. We turn to the horizon, peer at the line where the calm surface joins the sky… (Senko Karuza, introductory text)



This selection of 50 extremely different impressions of the sea is the result of many years of photographing the surface of the Adriatic Sea, from a blue calm bonaca to red reflections of sunsets, and from calm to stormy weather.
All motives are photographed on 6x6cm format slides. The first exhibition was organized in 2000.

The Sea