The new version of Damir Fabijanić’s photography web site

This, the newest version of Damir Fabijanić’s web site is ready!

This is the third edition of the web site created to mark the occasion of the Ten Years After exhibition (Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, 1998).

The first version was sponsored by the company RING. The designer was Andrej Kulunčić, assisted by Kušan Studio (thanks go to my friend Srećko Seljan and his partners, and to Andreja,

July 25, 2017

Damir Fabijanić was awarded the HAZU award in the field of visual arts for 2016

At its 3rd (221st) session held on 29 March 2017, the Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences adopted a Decision to present the Award for the Highest Scientific and Artistic Achievements in the Republic of Croatia for 2016 in the field of visual arts. The award was presented for the exhibition “Dubrovnik….” held in September 2016 in Rueil Malmaison (Paris).

April 27, 2017

Temporary suspension of publication of Iće&piće Magazine

After ten years of publication of Iće&piće Magazine, an original project by Damir Fabijanić, the publication of the regular April issue was cancelled due to the lack of commercial justification for regular publication, given the current economic situation in Croatia.

April 7, 2017

Thirty years of work as a freelance photographer

Fabijanić completes thirty years of work as a freelance photographer

March 8, 2017

Fabijanić’s photographs in France

The exhibition „Dubrovnik…“ was held in the Médiathèque Jacques Baumel, in Rueil Malmaison, the sister city of Dubrovnik. The hosts’ desire of many years to hold this exhibition was made possible through the initiative of Dubravka Zvrko. The exhibition was organized by the City of Rueil Malmaison, the City of Dubrovnik and the French Embassy in Zagreb. Sculptures by Hrvoje Dumančić were also exhibited at the same time.

September 13, 2016