THE FRUITS OF EVIL, a photographic conscience, in remembrance of the war in Croatia 1991-95 (1992-2007)

Exhibition of photographs in1995 (1992) and a book with the same title in 2007

This exhibition was opened in April 1992 in the Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Zagreb.

The Fruits of Evil was one of the first Croatian exhibitions held in Lisbon in 1995.It presented the author’s selection of 32 photographs of Croatian cultural heritage destroyed in the war in Croatia (The Homeland War) in 1991-92. The exhibition did not have a catalogue and the book was published 12 years after the exhibition, after the author’s many years of unsuccessful attempts to publish it earlier, as a co-publishing project by the HDCDR (the Croatian Memorial and Documentation Centre of the Homeland War) and FAB d.o.o.. Its concept and original design was the author’s own work.


1992.Velika Gorica (near Zagreb), Galženica Gallery (incomplete)
1995.Lisabon, Camara Municipal de Lisboa / One of the first Croatian exhibitions in Portugal
1996.Atena, Cultural Centre of Athens / The first Croatian exhibition in Greece
1997. Ljubljana, MG Cankarjeva doma
Bratislava, Zichyho Palace / The first Croatian exhibition in Slovakia


The complete exhibition (32 framed photographs, format: 110 x 110 cm) was donated to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb in 2009

The format of the book: 24x24cm, 132 pages, hard cover, ISBN 978-953-7439-11-8

The Fruits of Evil