IN THE MIDST OF THINGS, author’s monologues about the lack of dialogue (2012)

In a society that has had to face sharply up to the extinction of any kind of (especially, self-) criticalness, of any coherent criteria for the evaluation and promotion of genuine worth, in other words, with the consequences of that erosion that is systematically eating away at increasing areas of cultural production, Damir Fabijanić, it would seem, had no option but to head for the midst of things.(From the introductory text by Jasna Galjer)

This book, original in its concept and design (the cover pages of this book are placed in the middle of the book), consists of 12 (independent) chapters in which the photographer tells his stories, which comprise a coherent unit in terms of concept, time and logic. The book and the exhibition present the author of these important photographic topics, which he has used since his school days, to question himself and his photographic discourse, in relation to himself, the professional public and society.



1_Premature works

2_Brijuoni (Brioni, Brijuni, Brioni)

3_United colours of Blenislon

4_I’m fed up of it all

5_A house in 12 pictures

6_Summing up the gallery

7_In the midst of things


9_Stereophotography for the colour and the BW eyes / The summer ends – our islands begin their other life

10_Zagreb saloons

11_Exhibitions that were not held

12_Exhibitions in progress


The motto of the exhibition

Human stupidity is eternal, with institutional support and always well-organized, while revolt against it is individual and always condemned to failure. (Miroslav Krleža)


The format of the book: 16x22cm, 188 pages, ISBN 978-953-6039-08-1

Glyptotheque, Zagreb, 2012

The Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnik, 2014