THE VILLA OF DUBROVNIK, the author’s dedication to future generations (2003)

The time when noblemen and citizens used to build villas and decorate their gardens in the vicinity of Dubrovnik belongs to the past…


The completion of this exceptional book was the result of the joint enthusiasm of Damir Fabijanić (photographs) and Nada Grujić (text), as a dedication to future generations. The photographs were taken in 1994 and 1995 at the time when these summer villas were enjoying their last days of serenity. In that era of analogue photography all the photographs were simultaneously taken on slides, with colour and black and white negatives of medium format. The pictures taken were not edited during processing for printing.

The book Dubrovački ljetnikovac (The Villa of Dubrovnik), ISBN 953-6039-03-6, is 21×32 cm in format, with 112 pages of fine 170 gram paper. The text by Nada Grujić and Zvonimir Berković (foreword) is written in Croatian and translated into English. The 50 black and white original photographs by Damir Fabijanić (33 large format, over the entire page) in exceptionally good quality duotone print are accompanied by a map of summer residences from the Dubrovnik region.


… Let me finish. This book is lovely, wise and unique. I envy those who can say that they have achieved something final.
From the foreword by Zvonimir Berković

…This book is an appeal to all those whose spiritual condition has prevented them from gaining an insight into the meaning of the notion of villas of Dubrovnik.
Vesna Kusin, VJESNIK

… The book „The Villa of Dubrovnik» is gentle and serious, a hommage to a summer residence, stone and human reason. The measure of gentility for the gentleness of the villas of Dubrovnik.
Marina Baričević, NOVI LIST

… The format of the book, the positioning of the text and photographs, and the selection of individual motives result in a subtle game in which kaleidoscopic scenes are joined into a unique image of an imaginary summer residence.
Jasna Galjer, ORIS

The Villa of Dubrovnik