PAG LACE, dedicated to a disappearing heritage (1995)

The origin of the Fabijanić family motivated D.F. to participate in the realisation of this exceptionally successful exhibition, and not only as a photographer. The exhibition was held in the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb in 1995 (exhibition staged by Nenad Fabijanić). The map / catalogue of the exhibition was created in cooperation with the young designers Bruketa & Žinić. It was presented as a visiting exhibition in many European locations.

The exhibition folder (format 32×32 cm) consists of cover pages with individual photographs (10 black and white photographs) and a catalogue (32 pages of 30x30cm format), illustrating the story of the genesis of Pag lace. It is an exceptionally successful printed product, thanks to the great efforts of Drago Repar and his graphic team.

Pag Lace