I waited, I waited, and…and then I wrote this

As my works in current projects and exhibitions in Croatia and abroad shown on the following pages, are not organized (realized) as my own projects, I am neither responsible for informing the audience, nor for publications in the media.

But as I did not receive any response from the public, I decided to send this material (primarily) to the media. I do not expect anything from it either.

Damir Fabijanić


No1_ BRUSSELS_ Europe building_ exhibition WELCOME TO CROATIA/ The Squares

The exhibition is on the ground floor of the impressive Europa Building in Brussels.

The exhibition Welcome to Croatia/The Squares is organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Welcome to Croatia is the author’s sequel/paraphrase of the exhibition Welcome Croatia.

Welcome Croatia welcomed Croatia’s accession to the EU (2013), consisted of 38 photographs by Damir Fabijanić (author’s selection) that were exhibited in Brussels (2.5 months) and Strasbourg (4, 5 months).

Welcome to Croatia, is an author’s photographic polyptych (a series of photographs as a unique whole), consisting of alternately strung (completely) red and white motifs (prints on canvas of individual formats 2x2m, seven red and six white, connected without spaces, 26m in length).

The photographic series is heraldically inspired. The selection of strong coloristic themes immediately (from a distance), suggest the origin (Croatian coat of arms). Then upon more careful viewing (and up close) reveals (deciphers) each motif.


1. Adriatic Sea/ sunset reflection detail on the waves

2. The detail of a dry stone wall on a typical karst landscape/ Kornati

3. Cherry Maraska/ autochthonous variety of Zadar (and broader) area, the base for the famous maraschino

4. Quarry/ from Istria to the south of Dalmatia (Kanfanar, Vinkuran, Brac, Korcula) quarries are a source for building the most valuable heritage

5. Prosciutto (Prsut)/from Istria to Dalmatia, where the bora blows

6. Old Croatian Romanesque/St Mihajlo near Ston, sacral architectural heritage of exceptional beauty

7. The beauty of urbanism in a detail/Rovinj, one of the urban pearls

8. A detail of the salt pans/one of natural refineries (Pag, Nin, Ston)

9. Red pepper/characteristic spice and symbol of Slavonia and Baranja

10. Folk costume/exceptional richness and diversity (Baranja)

11. Licitar hearts/a lasting historical souvenir

12. Forest in winter/diversity of forest areas throughout Croatia (Gorski kotar)

13. Autumn ivy/plant cover of valuable continental architecture

The exhibition is on the ground floor of the impressive Europa Building in Brussels.

Exhibition duration: 15.1.-30.6.2020, during the presidency of the HR Council of the EU

No2_ BRUXELLES_ 10 framed author’s photographs for the needs of the  representation of the Republic of Croatia EU during the EU presidency

The author provided ten author’s photographs for the Representation of the Republic of Croatia, Brussels.

No3_ ZAGREB- Photography of the Baska stone tablet in the main hall of the EU Council session in Zagreb (13.3 × 5.25 m, print).

Neidhardt architects refurbished part of the premises of the National and University Library for the needs of the 6-month presidency of the Republic of Croatia of the EU Council.

No4_ZAGREB_ exhibition WELCOME TO CROATIA_2 Zagreb International Airport (MZLZ)

Exhibition Welcome to Croatia_2 (organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia).

The photographs are exhibited in three spaces:

– Temporarily placed Box lounge in the left part of the main building of MZLZ (1st floor)

– a new VIP lounge in the new MZLZ building

– a new VIP lounge in the refurbished section of the old airport building

Box lounge building MZLZ (23 photos format 110x200cm)

VIP lounge ( new MZLZ building )

VIP lounge ( old airport building )

No5_ZAGREB_ Welcome to Croatia / The Squares (3D polyptych) _ Zagreb International Airport (MZLZ)

The three-dimensional polyptych Welcome to Croatia / The Squares is a symbolic link to the author’s photographic polyptych Welcome to Croatia at the Europa Building in Brussels.

Zagreb International Airport, the reception area of ​​the VIP lounge (6x 25cmx25cm; 8x 25x25cm, prints on steel).

No6_ZAGREB_ Modern Gallery Zagreb_exhibition Iconography of the City II. (1950 – 2000) + Visions of the city_ 11 photos DF

Exhibition Iconography of the City II. (1950-2000.) + Visions of the city is a continuation of the exhibition of the same name in Modern Gallery (2010). 17.12.2010.- 23.2.2020.

The following photographs are DF contribution to the exhibition:

1. Cloister of the Franciscan monastery, Dubrovnik, (1990/1991) diptych,


1. Cloister of the Franciscan monastery, Dubrovnik, (1990/1991) diptych, 110x70cm

2. Burnt Art Nouveau Confectionery, Lipik, 1992, 105x105cm

3. Atrium of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 1998, 100x100cm

4. Dalmatian dog, Šibenik, 1997, 100x100cm

5. Haludovo, Malinska, (1987/2018), 2 separate photographs (100x66cm), diptych

6. Photographs of architecture: “Vitic’s skyscraper”, NSK, “Zagrebcanka”, Zagreb, (formats 50x75cm and 50x50cm)

7. Ground plan of the city, an exhibition by Maja Markovic- (100x70cm)

No7_ZAGREB_ Museum of Contemporary Art_ exhibition Collection for the Future / Acquisitions 2009-2019_ 7 + 6 photos DF ( 11.12.2019. – 30.06.2020.)

Exhibition Collection for the Future / Acquisitions 2009-2019. includes DF works in segments:

– part of the donated collection – 7 photographs (format 105x105cm) from the cycle “Fruits of Evil” (a total of 30 photographs), which were the gift from the DF to the Museum of Contemporary Art (2009).

– Archive and library of Ivan Picelj – 6 photographs (format 75x75cm) from the apartment-studio of Ivan Picelj in Gajeva street.