A new edition of the book “Dubrovnik …” by Damir Fabijanic at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb

The third, updated edition of the book “Dubrovnik …” was promoted in the atrium of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb on 29th November 2018 in the presence of numerous audiences.

Book information: “Dubrovnik …” (3rd Edition, ISBN 978-953-59658-1-7)
Author of the concept and the photographs: Damir Fabijanić
Format: 24x24cm, hardcover
Content: 232 pages (147 color photos, 36 B&W photos, 2 geographic maps)
Texts: Camilo José Cela, Radovan Ivančević, Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik, author
Languages: Croatian / English
Book Price: 45 €
The book publisher is a family publishing house “Ice&pice” (also known as the publisher of “Ice& pice” gourmet magazine, 3rd best gourmet magazine in the world, according to Gourmand Awards, Paris 2011).